Thursday, June 28, 2012

Az in one of the many, many, MANY outfits her great-aunt Lulu has sent her. I wish that Lulu could see her in one of them in person one day. My aunt Lulu, whom is definitely the furthest thing from being financially prosperous, says that she just loves buying baby girl clothing. We are fortunate to be recipients of her love. They are usually not things I would have picked out myself, but that actually makes it more fun to receive. I have an excuse to dress my daughter in floral bubbles with matching hats because hey, it was a gift from my aunt.

This was our only full day on the houseboat. Contrary to appearances and photos of cute outfits Az spent most of the day running around the boat in her diaper and, when outside of the walls of the boat, her life jacket. It was a quiet day in the cove; everyone took off on the speedboat and my mom, the kids, and I stayed behind. When Miguel returned I did take the opportunity to swim across the lake. I wish I could swim everywhere. Water sports and activities have always come much easier to me than those of the land variety. I wish that either of my children knew how to swim. I would love to go swim-exploring with Z. I think he did four summers of swim lessons. He enjoyed the excuse to get into a pool and swim but chose to not partake in the lesson part. A few years ago when we rented a patio boat for the week at Lake Shasta Z clung to the ladder every time we tried to get him into the water. This year he floated around in his life jacket eagerly. So we are making progress. I can adapt my fantasies to floating around with my son rather than swimming with him if I must. Although I'm really holding out hope that Az ends up liking swimming without any coaxing.

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