Thursday, June 28, 2012

On Tuesday night I found out that I had won a photo shoot given away by NYC Taught Me, with photographer Keith Pitts. After excitedly calling Miguel and jumping on the bed I realized that Keith would only be in the area for one weekend, the one that was now less than a week away. The same weekend I was supposed to be going away on a houseboat to Lake Shasta. I sent Keith's wife/assistant a rambling overly excited e-mail that featured way too many exclamation marks (though I promise you I felt every one of them) and they were wonderful enough to suggest that we meet up that Friday, the same day they were coming into town from Bakersfield. It was suggested that we meet up at Stinson Beach, a beach I hadn't been to in years but which I had always been meaning to revisit.

I've been wanting to get professional photographs done of Z since he was born, and that desire has only grown stronger since Az was born. Embarrassingly enough, I happened to be laying on the couch doing my best to not clean the house and fantasizing about what I would dress the kids in if we were going to get photos done when I checked my phone and received the e-mail from Sharon of NYC Taught Me telling me I had won. So I was beyond pumped to have won. And also a little freaked out that I had to figure out what both of the kids were going to wear within a few days, because my idle fantasies hadn't turned much up.

Unfortunately Miguel was working Friday and couldn't get the day off. It would have been nice to get pictures of the four of us interacting but as it was it was difficult enough trying to get pictures of the kids together. Az was wary of the strange man with the camera and never really did warm up to having her pictures taken that day. The picture of her on the left is a pretty accurate depiction of how she spent much of the couple hours we were with Keith. Z, however, was more than happy to run around for the camera. I think I have my quota of crazy-haired-Z photos now.
I had hoped to get a picture of the kids together but since Az was staying away from wherever the camera was pointed that proved to be a challenge. I had a lot of fun with the experience though, and learned a lot about what I might want to do if I should get the chance to have professional photos of the kids done again any time soon. As part of the give away I received ten large file pictures I can print, and I have a feeling all ten are going to end up displayed somewhere around the house. I feel so lucky to have gotten this opportunity. I very rarely win things so I think I'm excited when I win anything, but winning a photo shoot was particularly fantastic.
I'm thinking this one is definitely going to find its way into a frame. I don't remember Az ever sitting in Z's lap during the shoot but apparently Keith was on the ball capturing the split second it happened.

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