Monday, March 5, 2012

George the Cross-dressing Gorrilla

Az spending some down time with my stuffed gorilla George. George has always been a boy, for as long as I can remember, but for just as long he has been dressed in this baby dress of mine or one very similar to it. Being the planning type that I am, I remember once deciding that in case of a fire it would be George that I would save out of all of my worldly possessions. Later I added my scrapbooks to the list of things to be saved, but George was still very much on that list. He might not have been knocked off of the list until I had Z, I don't think my conscience ever really let me acknowledge that George had been knocked off of the list at all. George has a best friend Beary a, you guessed it, black bear. Beary also had a soft spot in my heart, though he never even came close to George. I'm not even sure where Beary is these days. My guess would be forgotten somewhere under my bed.

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