Sunday, March 18, 2012

We met Miguel's mom and step-father for breakfast at Stumptown Brewery. I was hoping to show off the large deck and view of the river but it started sprinkling so we had to eat inside. Az hadn't gotten much sleep the day before and was still waiting to catch up. Compounded with the fact that she is still on the mend, she was a little cranky throughout breakfast. She's been drooling quite a bit and chewing on her fingers too, which is not something I've seen her do in the past so I suspect she may have some teeth coming in as well. Miguel tried to occupy her with the juke box, but I don't think she understood the correlation between the music playing and the big machine in front of her. Z as a baby would have been soothed a bit more with the opportunity to push buttons on a great big machine, but Miguel eventually sat down with Az and I handed over her magical soother; Az's plastic princess dolls.

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