Monday, March 19, 2012

Az putting her doll to bed. I've been looking for a vintage wooden doll bed for Az but hadn't found anything that I liked for a price I was willing to afford. Then lo and behold while cleaning out the basement I find my old doll bed, which I didn't even know was still around. I'll have to replace the paper on the bottom but otherwise it is absolutely perfect. When I unwrapped the bed I also found my old Madame Alexandra doll. Unfortunately it is a little worse for wear; the paint on her eyes wore off from the weather I guess, and it has left her looking really quite spooky. Miguel calls her the zombie doll, and will have nothing to do with her. The rest of the doll is still in good shape though; she still cries when tipped up and her spooky eyes open and shut easily so I may try to paint in some eyes of my own. I can't make it much worse. I hope.

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