Monday, March 26, 2012

In between running errands and picking Z up from school early for our dentist appointments we had a little extra time so I took Az to the tropical fish store. I hadn't really been planning on it, but then we were driving by and I just knew that Az would really like it in there. It's like going to the aquarium, but $40 cheaper (and as Miguel pointed out, it's almost as large.) Back in the days when Z and I had a fresh water tank we found ourselves in this particular fish store often, most of the time just to look and admire. There were a few less tanks and a few less fish in many of the tanks that did remain, but there was still a lot to look at and Az was able to get much closer to the fish than she probably would have at the aquarium. As a bonus, we were there just in time for the fishes' lunch of blood worms (which Az added to with an emphatic, "Eww.")  I was correct, Az did love it and left the store very reluctantly (i.e., crying.) She held her Jasmine doll up to the glass of the tanks containing fish she was particularly smitten with. Though I'm not sure if she was showing off her doll to the fish or if she was showing off the fish to her doll.

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