Friday, March 23, 2012

Washing dishes with Grandmama after spending the night at her house. Miguel, Uncle Shane, and I went to the Academy of Science Nightlife while the kids stayed with their Grandmama. I had told my mom to go ahead and keep the kids up late rather than attempt to put Az down for the night, but I ended up being designated driver for the boys and we followed my friend we'd met up with at the Academy over to a bar in San Francisco. We didn't get home until past late, and both of the kids were passed out. Az has never been put down for the night by anyone but me, as she still relies heavily on the nurse to sleep method (which I'm aware is not a method recommended by anyone, but it is what it is.) However, my mom still had all of her hair left and Az was sleeping pretty soundly when I climbed into bed with her so a big milestone seems to have been reached, big to me at least: Az's first time being put to bed by someone other than Mom.

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