Thursday, March 22, 2012

21 Months


Az at 21 months:
  • Still loves music and her dolls.
  • Is beginning to put together her own 2 word sentences (rather than just mimicking word combinations she has heard) and even some simple 3 word sentences, to communicate her thoughts and desires.
  • Her vocabulary continues to explode. Often I find I don't know what she is saying even though she is speaking clearly because I don't expect her to know a word. Simple requests like, "cheese please" or asking for a spoon when I hand her a bowl of cereal confound me longer than they should because not only do I not expect her to know the words "cheese" or "spoon," I don't expect her to have desires for things that are not right in front of her or which she hasn't seen lately. I obviously need to catch up.
  • A couple of cute Az-isms: A chair is a "sit down" obviously, and a blanket is a "bobby." I'm not sure where that one came from.
  • Az is very good about saying "thank you" unprompted, and now I'm teaching her to say "please." She very rarely says it on her own, but will give me a please when I prompt 100% of the time. I'm sometimes amazed at the things she thanks me for, things that I'm amazed she understands warrants gratitude. Most of the time I help her with things I am rewarded with a "thank you," so I think she understands what the words mean.
  • She has begun to show an interest in looking at pictures, on the walls, in albums and books, and on the computer, though her very favorite is looking at pictures directly on the screen of my camera. She likes identifying people, but her favorite is spotting a picture of Z. 
  • When playing with like things she will sometimes line them up in a pattern. For instance when playing with Duplo blocks she has lined up the Duplo people boy, girl, boy, girl, etc. This seems advanced to me, as simple patterns are one of the things I have covered and watched kids struggle with when teaching kindergarteners. It would be splendid if it turned out Az had a leg up on early math concepts.
  • Still wearing a size 3 diaper. Sometimes I suspect she will be in a size 3 until she potty trains.
  • However, she does seem to be going through a growth spurt; the 12-18 month pants she has been wearing forever are finally beginning to become too short, though 18-24 month pants still seem to be a tad bit long. (The pants in the above photo are 18-24 months.)
  • She still isn't sleeping through the night, not even close. She might sleep two hours on her own in the pack 'n play when I put her down for the night, but the rest of the night she spends in bed with me. She is beginning to accept being soothed by Miguel so sometimes when she wakes up after those two hours Miguel can go in and lay down with her. She still nurses throughout the night on demand, though it seems like she might demand it a little less often lately, which means I'm finally getting some sleep.
  • Has taken to running with her arms angled out behind her, Superman style, which makes something that is already cute downright adorable. 
  • Az still loves to dance, and has added singing to her repertoire.  
  • She continues to be a little less fearless than I would prefer and is a little dare devil. It's fun seeing the ways she is similar and different than Z at this age. I remember that Z was less fearful of things than he is now, but it seems like Az is much more of a dare devil than he ever was. She is fairly good about not doing things I tell her are dangerous, though she does try to test boundaries occasionally. When she is doing something she isn't supposed to and is spotted she will freeze and stare at me, as if I can only see her when she is moving.
I can't believe how close we are to those Terrible Twos! Only three more months...

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