Saturday, March 31, 2012

I don't know what it is about this girl and dolls. I strongly believe in not limiting girls and boys to gender-stereotypical toys; I present Az with cars and trains and balls and a great huge myriad of toys that do not happen to be dolls, and they interest her up to a point. But oh man, dolls! She is particularly taken with her plastic princess dolls, the ones that closely resemble Polly Pockets but which I've decided are not actually made by the same company. As soon as she wakes up (like even before she opens her eyes, when she is laying in bed orienting herself) she asks for Snow White and Jasmine. Not only are they dolls, but they're princess dolls, and plastic ones at that. Basically exactly the opposite of what I had planned on having my daughter play with in those sweet moments of gazing down at my newborn and imaging the little girl she would grow into. Oh, and to top all of that off of course they come with tiny little pieces of plastic clothing that look awfully tempting to chew on for a 21 month-old. She carries them everywhere with her, so that I spend my days trying to lure them out of her hands so she is free to explore the non-plastic, non-doll world around her. Hopefully she will grow out of her deep, deep love with these dolls and find something else to adore soon. But until then, I have a couple more waiting to make their introductions in her Easter basket. If you can't beat 'em...

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