Friday, February 17, 2012

Plastic Princess

Az has a couple of new dolls that she is heads over heels in love with. They are a small Snow White and Jasmine, the quintessential little girl dolls and something I was hoping to avoid buying her for a few years at least. If I remember my dolls that I've seen girls of this generation playing with correctly, I believe they are both related to Polly Pockets; small dolls with a wardrobe of rubbery clothing I am required to peel on and off over and over throughout the day. I handed Snow White still in the box to Az during a grocery shopping trip in hopes of buying myself more time and patience while I shopped. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. She immediately loved it, and demanded to hold a pile of the Disney Princess gals in a large pile of boxes in her lap. I eventually parsed her back down to the Snow White, and attempted to ditch her at the check stand when I discovered how pricey she was, but Az remained steadfast in her desire for the doll despite all of my best laid attempts at distracting her. I ended up sending M in to get her the doll, with mixed feelings. She really didn't need the doll of course, but it's so hard not to give in to someone's desires when it would be so easy to accomplish. I'm in trouble with that girl. I ended up buying the Jasmine doll about a week later when I spotted her at another store for about half the price of her friend Snow. Trouble I tell you.

My compromise with my conscience was that I would keep the doll in my purse, for special occasions when I had an especial need to keep Az occupied. The problem with that plan was Az's excellent memory. Throughout the day she can be found dragging my purse around saying, "Doll?" I've stuck to my original plan to only pull out the dolls when we're out and about, mostly, and have been rewarded with the fact that they really do keep her happy and buy me some time to run errands or wait for Z to finish tae kwon do. Too bad they've created the need for more distraction the rest of the time.


  1. Oh, she's going to be easy to shop for.

    1. I just wish they weren't plastic toys that she's drawn to. I'm really trying to stay away from buying her new plastics.