Saturday, February 4, 2012

My So Called Life With Kids


Watching My So Called Life together. When this show came out I was a freshman in high school, a grade younger than the main character Angela. At the time I had never seen a show that spoke of my life so much. It seemed this show was about my life, Angela had my thoughts. I hadn't seen the show since it originally aired on television but it has always stood out as an epic drama in my memory. Upon recent viewing I found myself still identifying with Angela, but this time I was surprised to find myself relating to Angela's parents and teachers too. Ah, growing up. I still have a secret hope that Claire Danes will decide to reprise her role. I'm willing to overlook the fact that she's obviously a bit older than 15 years old now. The actors are always older than the character they're playing anyhow, right? When Az is a bit closer to the high school years I'll probably force her to watch the show with me again, but of course by then it will seem horribly antiquated and eye-roll worthy.


  1. That's so funny that you've changed who you relate to as time went by. I thought that you hardly have the t.v. on. Guess since you've been stuck around the house more lately, it's been on more.

    1. In general we often don't turn on the TV for days at a time, but this month we haven't had money for other entertainment so we have been watching more television. That still only equals about 1-2 hours a day though. Next month I'm downgrading our cable to the basic 13 channel line-up so perhaps we're subconsciously watching while we still can.