Sunday, February 5, 2012

He Never TIREs of the Park

Z and I used to live within walking distance of this park, when the play structures were brand new. Since then it has gotten a little decrepit; one of the slides is now boarded up and graffiti is a common decorative element. It seems like the park has begun to attract some less desirable people, but this has actually proven to be a good thing for us. The park is very open and right along a main street where everyone walking and driving by can see everything so I feel fairly safe. However, parents don't tend to bring their kids to play at the playground so Az and Z are often the only kids on the structures, so I can allow Z a little bit of freedom to play without worrying about his interactions with other kids. I like that Z isn't too cool to really enjoy himself at the park yet, and I'm pretty sure his sister is too.

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