Sunday, February 26, 2012



I'm around Z every day and the change is not as drastic as with a toddler so it can be easy to overlook, but Z has been morphing. It's easy to get caught up in the every day and the small frustrations, but Z seems to be trying to improve himself these days. We have less daily mini-battles to get through, and virtually no epic battles. When I stop to compare the Z of today to the Z of a few years ago I do notice him maturing. I notice Z making a point to improve himself inside and out. He asks for pointers on getting into less conflict and wants to help me with more things. He's started wearing cologne and making some effort in the way he looks (which I assume is motivated by his new interest in a girl in his class.) He is showing some signs of self-awareness. These are all positive signs to me. Z has always been a very sweet and loving kid, but I think he's beginning to realize that this doesn't always come out and he has a new desire to change this. I'm especially enjoying my time with him these days, I often find myself stopping to appreciate the moment that we are sharing together. I count myself very fortunate to get to be part of his transitions and journies.

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  1. I noticed that Z was very easy at our trip to the zoo. He was calm & helpful.