Wednesday, February 15, 2012

97% of Her Daily Wardrobe

Az spends a large portion of her life, at least the part of it spent at home, in one of her padded bodysuits (as I'm sure has become evident through the daily photos.) She currently has two of them, a brown one and a pink striped one. There used to be a purple polka-dotted one as well but it was lost to the clothing elves. I am convinced there are elves whom come and steal her clothing in the night, as she is constantly losing items of clothing that are never seen again. The elves are heavily helped by Migs, however, whom seems allergic to laundry baskets and hanging things up.

When Az was a baby she pretty much lived in the Old Navy bodysuits. Our little house under the redwoods tends to keep a permanent stasis of freezing and the bodysuits are the warmest thing I've found for her short of stuffing her into a cumbersome snowsuit. She is currently wearing the largest size they are made in so I'm hoping the two she currently has will carry us into summer; Migs has already had to make a few repairs to the seams here and there to keep them functioning. I'm not sure what we'll do come next autumn. I didn't have warm bodysuits for Z when he was Az's age, so I suppose she should be able to survive with some fleece pajamas and a thick blanket but I really am going to miss the bodysuits. My grandmother used to tell me that I made her feel cold when I refused to wear a coat and I always found this to be silly, but now I understand; I feel warmer when Az is wearing one of her bodysuits.


  1. You know how they make those adult fleece one piece outfits called "forever lazy"? Maybe if they become a hit, they'll make them in all sizes including kids.

    1. I don't think those are as thick as the bodysuits she spends most of her time in. I guess next year I'll look for the thick pajamas from GAP and try to convince her to embrace using blankets. It's nice having the bodysuits for when she's hanging out around the house, but at least by then she'll be a year older and tougher.