Sunday, February 12, 2012

Getting Fun-ky

It was a rainy Sunday and Z didn't have school the next day so I decided to bring the kids to the Funky Monkey, a local mini-Chuck E Cheese-esque place. I had never brought Az to anywhere like it; honestly I don't tend to like Chuck E Cheese's and would rather stay away from the germ soup if possible. We had a lot of fun though, the place was almost deserted when we arrived and for the last hour we had the place completely to ourselves. It was another place that I used to bring Z when he was little, in fact we had his second birthday there, and it was another place that was looking worse for wear. A lot of the play structure had been pulled out, and not replaced with anything. Az didn't know the difference however. She had a blast climbing the structures and running through them on her own. She suddenly seemed a year older at least. She was playing like a kid, not a baby.

At one point she found a boy of about 8 or 9 and his little brother and she ran after them, excitedly yelling. They were laughing and running away from her. It made me sad, to see her looking so sad and dejected, but there wasn't much I could do. The boys had the right to run from her, and really weren't being mean in any way. But it still made me feel protective of her. The boys' mother did eventually come and yell at them for running away from a baby so they chose to just get off the structure. Watching my children try to make friends has been one of the hardest things of being a parent. I really hope that Az has an easier time of it than Z has.

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  1. Awww, I hope she has an easier time of it too. I think she will.