Thursday, February 2, 2012

Doctor Doctor


Az's 18 month well check appointment, which for insurance reasons we had to schedule when she was 19 months old. She was very happy and content until we entered the exam room, at which point she started crying hysterically and clawing for the door. As soon as the nurse left she was calm and happy again. When the doctor came in A was nervous, but it isn't the doctor that gives Az the shots so, while wary, Az did eventually warm up to her a little.

When it came time for the shot Az was of course incensed, but as always she got over the affront quickly. The recoup part of shots with Az is much easier than it ever was with Z; he continues to truly loathe shots, to the point that we have to make a special appointment and reserve a hospital bed when it comes time to give him a shot (luckily there are few necessary shots for a ten-year-old.) When he was still little enough to quickly force a shot on he didn't forgive me for a good thirty minutes afterwards. With Az, she gives me a few screams to let me know she isn't pleased with the situation, but a few hugs and words of empathy seem to be enough of a remedy for her pain.

Az continues to be on the small side, somewhere in the ten percent range for her weight. Her doctor doesn't seem to hold much value in the percentages so I sometimes have trouble getting the number out of her, but I like to know what it is out of a mother's curiosity. Z was always around the same percentage curve so maybe Az will grow to have a similar stature. She continues to be a healthy little girl (besides a runny nose that lasted a couple of days she still has never been sick) with a healthy appetite so it seems Az is just meant to be on the slender side for now.

The doctor checked, and all is well.


  1. Z is probably more afraid of shots because he went through more than just the routine doctor visits and shots as a baby (with his cleft palat). I remember some pretty tough times.

    1. A has had quite a few shots in a short period of time due to the elevated lead level scare. I think it might just be a difference in personality; when A falls she picks herself up pretty quickly whereas Z spends a little more time recovering.