Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The monthly photo and summary is over a month late. At the time that I'm writing this Az is actually 26 months. My printer has a fun new quirk where it eats about 49 out of every 50 pages that I try to print. I haven't felt like trying to coax the month sign out of it so every day I just put the picture off. I have a feeling this one will be brief, since I actually still have to catch up on writing the 26 month summary.

At at 25 months:
  • This is the month where she pulled out the ability to form original sentences. One day she was nursing and being too handsy. When I pulled her hand away she said, "I see, it's good to touch it." Since then she has been pulling out all sorts of sentences. I love this able-to-express-herself clearly stage.
  • On a related note, when Az wants to express her thoughts she says, "I see..." for "I think."
  • Az LOVES Spider Man all of a sudden. Z doesn't have any Spider Man toys and as far as Miguel and I can figure out she's never seen him on TV, but Spider Man is actually starting to surpass Barbie in her eyes. When we go to Target it is no longer Barbie she requests to go see but Spider Man.
  • She's still going strong on the nursing. I had thought we would wean at two years but this girl is nowhere close to starting self-wean. She still nurses constantly throughout the day. Honestly I'm ready to be done with the whole thing but it feels selfish to wean her before she's ready when she still benefits so much from it. Besides, I know that once she does stop I'll miss those excuses to snuggle up and have Us time terribly. I think if she hits 2.5 years and is still nursing I'm going to have to force the issue though. I'm ready to start being able to sleep through the night again.
  • Oh my gosh this girl loves pistachios. LOVES them. They're her very favorite snack. I can't afford to supply her with as many pistachios as she would want to eat though so I'm trying to sell her on a cheaper nut, like peanuts. It's sort of worked, she likes peanuts as well, but nothing compares to pistachios.
  • Az loves balancing. If I need her to walk any distance on her own I'm much more successful if I can find places for her to try to balance as she walks. 
  • She has recently discovered a love of having her photo taken, most of the time. Occasionally she will come up and request I get my camera to take pictures of her, at which point she'll pose for me. She then reviews the photos and continues posing until she is satisfied we got a good one.
  • Az's first joke: We were driving in the car and she randomly asked, "Where you going?" She then exclaimed, "Burrito!" and began heartily laughing. The joke was repeated a few times after that, though sadly she did eventually forget it.
Az doing two of the things she loves best: posing for photos and being Spider Man,

While she was sitting on the potty she asked me to paint her nails, and for the first time she let me paint all of them. When we were done she asked me to take pictures of her "makeup." I gladly obliged, but she wouldn't let me take any photos of her silver nails. Instead she declared herself to be Spider Man and began posing. At first she posed in front of the dishwasher, but after a few shots she decided to stand in front of the bag of cat litter. After I'd taken a few shots of that she told me to stop, then closed the bathroom door and resumed posing. I honestly don't even know where she's even seen Spider Man.

And, just because it's cute:

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