Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Az had her two year well check visit with the doctor today. Everything looks good, though she wouldn't let the doctor check her out as thoroughly as she might have. According to the doctor Az is greatly surpassing her milestones. I'm so very rarely around kids Az's age these days, I start to forget what typical skills are for a child her age. Az measures in the seventy-something percentile in height and the twentieth percentile in weight. I think Z is exactly the same for his age range so I'm not terribly concerned. Az doesn't look underweight, and judging by how short her pants suddenly are and how much she's been eating I suspect she's in the middle of a growth spurt and that she'll fill out soon.

I finally decided it was time for Az to get her MMR shot. Even on the delayed vaccine schedule I created when she was born we were still super late on getting the shot. This is the shot that scares me though, the one that contains all of the things I don't want in my daughter's little body. I don't really want measles, mumps, or rubella in her body either though. This seemed like the time to do it; she didn't have any other vaccines scheduled for the day and I wanted to get it before heading into winter, when she was both more likely to have a stressed immune system and to contract one of the illnesses I was trying to guard her against.

In addition to the vaccine Az ended up getting flouride on her teeth and needing a pin-prick blood draw. She was not happy with me at all. In order to buy her forgiveness I offered to get her an ice cream cone. It worked like a charm, I'm her favorite mom once again. Z was being mouthy so I downgraded him to getting some crackers. When it came time to pay he refused to come up to the check out in a timely manner or hand me the crackers so he ended up walking out of the store empty handed. I was not Z's favorite mom at that point.

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