Sunday, August 5, 2012

Today Az took a bath. BUT, MORE IMPORTANTLY....

Today we got a kitten!
Adding Minchi the kitten to our family was probably the most thought out spontaneous thing I've done. I've been thinking and talking about getting a cat for a couple years now at least, but could never commit to the idea. Lately I'd been playing with the idea of getting a kitten more seriously, but it was still mostly playing. Today we went to the Humane Society just to look at cats and find out more about the adoption process. Az was napping in the van so Z and I left Miguel and her while we went in.

I had a very specific idea of what I wanted the kitten to look like, without knowing what the breed was called. I was surprised to find three kittens that had the exact look I wanted. Z and I went into the first room to spend some time with one of them, and he was cute but not really interested in being handled or pet so we went to look at the other room. In that room the two kittens I had my eyes on were both more social, but they were everywhere; they were jumping and running and attacking my hair and jumping on my head.

I was having a hard time deciding which one I wanted, and my decision was made even harder by this darn kitten that kept sitting in my lap. I would pick her up and put her down away from me so I could spend more time with the two males I was interested in and she would just come back. Twice she stood in my lap on her hind legs and strained the rest of herself up to look me square in the eyes, and then she would settle back into my lap.

Eventually I realized the obvious; this persistent kitten had chosen us. She was social and mellow and ridiculously sweet. I left Z in the room and went to find someone who worked there to ask him what her which of the kittens listed on the paper outside of the room she was. The man I found identified her and then grabbed her and brought her up to the counter so I could adopt her. I was surprised and he said, "Well, you want her right?" I had to nod my head, because although I hadn't been planning on adopting a cat that day I knew that I did want her. The woman at the counter was surprised that the kitten was being packed up to go home because I hadn't even filled out any paperwork yet. Since the ball was already rolling she had me fill out the papers and then handed me the kitten in a box.

When Miguel came in to find a bathroom I sort of laughed and said, "This is our new kitten." He wasn't as surprised as I thought he would be. Apparently he knows me better than I realized.

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