Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cat naps. It turned out to be an exhausting day spent cleaning the house in anticipation of my god-daughter coming to stay. After 9PM, when we were winding down for the night, her father called to say that she was sick and wouldn't be coming after all.

We decided to head to Safeway to pick up something quick and easy for dinner since it had gotten so late. The trip was largely uneventful until we were waiting in the check out line to pay and a staff member came up and started speaking about Z very rudely to the checker, in a very loud voice. She claimed that she had snatched the computer out of Z's hand that they have out for customers to use to sign up for Safeway's reward cards. I was in shock at the time and didn't say anything to her, but after she had gone and I had processed that a grown woman whom worked there at Safeway no less I asked for the woman's name and asked who her superior. The checker told me she was her superior, and said, "Well, did you see the way he looked at her?!"

The woman then came back and proceeded to argue with me for a good 15 minutes while I waited for her to give me the number of her regional manager. She never gave me the name. When I was incredulous that she had yanked the computer out of Z's hand she went back on her story and said that she hadn't after all. The entire time she only apology she gave me was, "I'm sorry your son is autistic." Her superior's only contribution was to yell over insulting things about Z and myself. The entire thing was shocking and left me feeling sick. I worry about Z having to deal with a lifetime of people like that, he doesn't have the skills to defend himself. He doesn't pick on people or understand people who do. He does things that upset people and then has no idea why. Luckily for him I do, and I will most certainly be placing a phone call in to the manager of the store bright and early tomorrow morning.

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