Sunday, August 5, 2012

We woke in Richardson Grove and the kids ran around camp since it had been getting dark when we arrived the night before. After we had packed up and vacated camp we stopped at the river for about an hour so the kids could swim. Az found the Eel River and its many many rocks to be a bit more challenging than the more familiar Russian River.

My only definite plan for the day was to head a few miles north to the Benbow Inn for lunch but when we arrived at the inn there was a festival going on and they were only letting guests park there. We weren't sure what to do from there, I had assumed we would continue our adventure stopping at interesting places on our way home but here we were only two hours from home, driving a route we had done numerous times before. I headed north to the town of Garberville but the place we had found online to eat at was no longer open and Az was napping anyhow so we turned around and headed home.

I'm not sure how we did it but with stops at any place that piqued our interest we didn't get home until 9PM. We stopped at more tourist spots, had a barbeque lunch somewhere along the route, went swimming in Lake Mendocino, and took a long-cut to the KOA in Cloverdale to see how it compared to the one in Manchester (it didn't.) When we got home it was early enough for Miguel to give Az a bath and then we all passed out in our comfortable beds.

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