Friday, July 13, 2012

This week was light on Z photos so I'm obviously choosing to use the same photo I used for Az. It makes for a boring blog series, but both of these photos will be going into separate books eventually.

On Saturday of this week the kids stayed at my mom's while Miguel and I went to San Francisco for his birthday. Z has always liked going to his grandmother's. It used to be because he had a cabinet there for his art items and he could sit in the hallway and create to his heart's content but increasingly now he looks forward to going there because he knows it means getting to log in hours on her laptop. Z's media time is limited at home and is based on a reward system related to his behavior at school but at Grandmama's he has free reign. My own laptop is most likely on its last legs and so Z isn't allowed on it so he gets in all of his computer time at his grandma's. I suggested the idea that I might be able to get him a laptop of his own, but it would have to be at least both a Christmas and birthday gift. His love of being online apparently does not exceed his love of getting multiple gifts however. He says he would rather get two mystery gifts than one laptop. I'm beginning to suspect that I may spoil him a little.

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