Sunday, July 8, 2012


Miguel, Az, and I headed downtown for lunch today. I've been driving Z to school each day because the school district hasn't been able to find anyone else, which means Az and I have had a lot of time to fill in town. It's nice spending time and making memories with both of my children together but I do have to admit that I've been glad that Z was offered the chance to go to ESY (extended school year.) He has been having a lot of fun at school each day, excitedly spilling over with stories of his day when I pick him up at 2:20. The real reason ESY is offered to him is so that he can continue work on his social skills and so that he stays used to the routines of school but the fact that he really enjoys going and learning has been a fantastic additional benefit.

I've also liked the one-on-one time with Az, doing things that we might not be able to do as easily with her big brother in tow. We've been going to parks that Z can sometimes get into trouble at and I've been able to focus my attention on Az and hang out completely in the areas designated for younger children like Az. We've been having a really nice summer, though I do wish I was then getting one-on-one time with Z to do things we can't do as easily with a toddler.

On this day we had walked downtown to get lunch and bring it to one of the many grassy areas. I really do love our downtown (I still consider it to be "ours" even though I don't actually live there any longer.) I'm always sort of proud when I get to show off the downtown area to visitors. The spot we sat at on this particular day hosts a lovely fountain/water area and benches, though we sat on the grass the better for Az to run around. I've always kept both of the kids at a distance from the water because it is gray water, but once I happened upon Miguel and Az climbing their way through. It left an impression in Az's head and of course she now wants to climb through it every time but luckily there are plenty of other things to catch her attention in the area, like the light poles which are obviously meant for swinging on.

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