Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I forgot to take a picture today until Az was already passed out. Az has been putting herself to bed lately, sort of. A little before 9 each night she will announce that she is ready for bed and tells me to come on. She says her good-nights to her dad and brother and then waits for me in bed. I'll ask her if she wants a book or not, it can really go either way depending on how tired she is. We nurse for a while and when she is asleep I leave her in bed, where she usually sleeps at least a couple hours before needing me to join her. Ideally she would be falling asleep on her own, without needing the nursing or for me to stay with her but it's a step in the right direction. I like that Az realizes when she is ready for bed (she will announce when she is ready for a nap in the afternoon if I haven't already started the process.) Z still doesn't realize when he is over-tired. For that matter, neither do I sometimes.

Az putting herself down means that she has been going to bed before Z. Up until now I've had to keep her up until her brother's bedtime so that he wouldn't wake her up, but it seems like now she's learning to sleep through Z noises (though I do remind him often that his sister is sleeping.) In the past this has meant that Az sometimes stays up later than I would prefer, but now I should be able to start putting her to bed long before Z's bedtime. At least someone in the family is taking charge of getting Az on a good sleep schedule, even if it is Az herself.

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