Tuesday, July 24, 2012

After Z was done with school today we picked up some sandwiches and headed to Memorial Beach in Healdsburg. It was another extraordinarily hot day. Miguel had opted to wear long pants to the beach and was dismayed to see there was no shade by the water so we sat on the lawn under the trees until it cooled down enough to go down by the river. The kids didn't mind as much as they might have, as they had the shower to cool off in. They were both very happy to get down to the river though; both of them continue to test just how far they can go in the water. Swim lessons are definitely going to be on the docket next summer. Z says he doesn't want them still, but since he does want to swim beyond where he can stand he's going to have to accept them. He did three years of them when he was younger but never took them very seriously. Maybe next summer when his baby sister is swimming around he'll feel more motivated to learn.

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