Friday, July 6, 2012

Today marked the second anniversary of the day Az officially entered our lives. As I posted on my Facebook page, "It's both hard to believe that it's already been two years since she came twirling into our lives and filled a void we didn't even realize we had and hard to believe that she's only been a part of our world for two short years. I can't imagine existing in a world that didn't include her" 

We started the day a little earlier than Az would have preferred. I woke her up early because Miguel had to get to work and I wanted him to be a part of the morning festivities. When Az woke up and stumbled into the front room she found a room full of pink and purple balloons. She was so distracted and happy about the balloons (it was still a little too early for her to be "excited" about anything) that she didn't notice the new dollhouse and presents sitting waiting for her. She knew she was getting a dollhouse, as she had requested one, and she had seen the picture of the dollhouse on the box sitting in the living room for a few days before her birthday but she was not prepared for the joy that is an actual dollhouse available to play with. It was love at first sight.

She very slowly opened the few other presents I'd gotten her, and was thoroughly appreciative of each one. Or at least she "ooohed" and "ahhhed" a satisfactory amount. Z was very eager for her to open all of her presents but she stretched the present opening ceremony over the course of a couple hours, playing with each item a while before opening the next and mostly trying to figure out how she could incorporate it into the dollhouse.

Miguel made her breakfast. I had wanted to make her a few of her favorite things but it's hard to say what her favorite breakfast items are. She loves fried eggs but I make her an egg over easy almost every morning so it didn't feel birthday special. Miguel and I agreed sausage had to be part of the meal, because the girl loves sausage, and I decided that french toast would be enough to complete it. When we were in the store buying her breakfast items Az requested chocolate milk, something she had never tried before. I think the chocolate milk was the biggest hit of the meal. Really, we could have just filled her sippy with chocolate milk and called it a day. For the next couple of days whenever she saw the chocolate milk carton in the fridge she smiled and said, "Happy birthday," expectantly waiting for me to pour her some. Which I of course had to do.

After breakfast Az went back to her beloved dollhouse and balloons and Miguel left for work. Az went down for an early nap and when she woke up it was time to get ready for the day and meet Miguel at the gourmet cupcake shop. Az was a little nonplussed with her cupcake; she lapped at the frosting a bit but didn't touch any of the actual cake. I think she was still feeling the effect of me waking her up early. After that we ran last minute errands to pick up things for her party the next day. I had hoped to take her out to a breakfast dinner but by the time we were done running errands everything was closed and we ended up at a taqueria. She didn't know the difference of course.

By the time we got home it was time for both of the kids to climb into bed, Az wearing her new Minnie Mouse pajamas and matching tutu. She managed to sneak it some time playing with the dollhouse first of course. I think she would say she had a very nice birthday, if she had the vocabulary and understanding to say such a thing. 

The bed-headed baby big girl checking out her new almost-furnished dollhouse. I hadn't planned on filling it with Melissa and Doug, since their dollhouse furniture can be a little pricey and delicate for a toddler, but then I randomly found the complete Victorian set in the local 5 and dime, all marked half off. That made it quite a bit cheaper than the furniture I had been eying online so I went ahead and got most of it. Az immediately broke one of the kitchen chairs.

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