Friday, July 13, 2012

Today's photo is borrowed from my mom's Facebook. I took a lot of photos this day, but for once hardly any of them featured my kids. Miguel and I dropped the kids at my mom's house and headed to San Francisco to officially celebrate his thirtieth birthday. Almost a year ago I had purchased twenty-one tickets for a sunset cruise around the bay on a schooner so we had been waiting a long time for the day. I think I can say with all confidence that Miguel had a fantastic time. It was both his first time on a schooner and his first time on the bay and he got to do both of them with most of the people he loves to spend time with best.

I can say with a little less confidence that both of the kids had a good day as well. Z loves going to his grandma's because he has free reign of her laptop. My own laptop is much too temperamental so Z isn't given any reign of it at all. So I'm not even sure if he even realized I wasn't there with him at his grandma's. Az also loves going to Grandmama's but she's not used to being away from Miguel and me. My mom reports that Az did great until it was time to change her clothes for bed, at which point she melted down. It was the longest time that we've ever been away from her so all things considered, I think it went rather well.

When I got back to my mom's Az and Z were crashed out on the bed my mom had made on the floor, Az with her foot thrown over Z while she slept. I crawled in next to her and she stirred and said, "Mama. Mama boat?" When I told her that I had indeed been on a boat she sighed, "Okay," and went back to sleep.

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