Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I had a doctor appointment in Occidental today (as a total aside, it's still odd to me to have the same doctor as my daughter and to see her for everything.) After Z was safely on his bus Miguel, Az, and I headed to the doctor's. Az and Miguel both slept through my appointment in the car, which was probably the best outcome. When my appointment was over Miguel realized he had no way to get to work in a few hours so we started heading in the general direction of his work.

I've heard a lot about the bakery in Freestone but have never had a good excuse to stop there so today I went ahead and made an excuse. Everything I've heard seems to be true, it's definitely a special place. Most, if not all, of the ingredients for their baked goods come from the garden they keep on the side of the bakery. I only had enough money for a cocoanut scone but it was wonderful. I really wish I could have afforded any of the breads being baked fresh while we were there, but now I have an excuse to stop by again. 

Az and I ran around the garden, which was overflowing with fruits, vegetables, and marvelous flowers. It's funny I hadn't heard anything about the garden, because it seems to me it should be as much of a draw as the bakery itself. I took my scone to a couple of Adirondacks at the back and Az and I enjoyed it while watching the wild bunnies hopping around. I really do love living in Sonoma County. 

We still had time to kill until Miguel started work so I decided to head to a park in Sebastopol, where Az pretended to be Spiderman, much to the chagrin of a little boy there who felt like he was Spiderman, and where Miguel practiced trying to give me a heart attack by leading Az to the top of play equipment and jungle gyms and leaving her there. The park has an area for toddlers but of course Az didn't want to spend time there. The much more adventurous, much more dangerous older kids playground was much more her style. I like this particular park because it does offer a lot of things other parks are afraid to in this day of sue-happy things, but man it looks different when experienced with your two-year-old daughter and thirty-year-old boyfriend who both seem determined to break one of the two year old's bones!

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