Wednesday, September 19, 2012

At 26 months old Azalie:
  • Is speaking quite a few fluent sentences of her own creation. Every once in a while she says something and Miguel and I turn to each other in surprise, wondering how she is suddenly such a little girl.
  • She still loves pistachios but her very favorite foods are salad and ice cream. A dinner of salad with ice cream as dessert is heaven for her.
  • She is really developing her sense of humor. After laughing she often declares, "That's funny!" And every time so far she's been right.
  • She's finally embraced singing her ABCs, though she can only regularly get through A,B, and C. After that she has the general idea down and pipes in with the correct letters every once in a while. She'll hum her way through D, E, and F but call out "G" and "H" split second before I do. She knows where most of the letters go. X is by far her favorite letter; she is always excited to spot anything that looks like an X.
  • She can count to four, and occasionally follows that up with "high five!" for five.
  • Az is still a mama's girl but is beginning to let Miguel do more for her. Up until now everything she wants or needs has had to be done by me, so I'm enjoying this hopefully new stage.
  • Is in the 70th percentile for height, but the 20th percentile for weight. At least she's consistent. 
  • Still loves dolls and trucks, and is beginning to show a preference for dinosaurs.
  • Knows the names of about 25 body parts. 
  • Has a huge crush on makeup. For this month's picture she insisted on bringing a tube of Burt's Bees chap stick with her. On most mornings while I stand at the mirror putting on my makeup she is right next to me, standing on the toilet and putting on her own "makeup."
  • Still loves wearing dresses (i.e. tutus) and needs to be distracted a bit to get into pants. Winter's going to be hard on her. When she isn't given a dress to wear she finds a towel or dishtowel and turns that into one.
  • Red seems to be her favorite color, as she points out every red item we see and searches for red if she can't easily find anything. She also knows orange, purple, pink, blue, and yellow consistently. There's something about green that keeps her from remembering it.
  • When strangers say hello to her she announces, "My name Yazzy." So far no one has come close to understanding her name when she speaks it, but then again hardly any one ever understands it when Miguel or I say it.
  • Her favorite shows are Sesame Street (she loves Ernie), Bubble Guppies, Calloui, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Thomas. She does most of her TV watching with Miguel though, whom is really trying to get her to like Adventure Time since it's a show he enjoys. 
  • Her most popular refrain these days is, "I waaaant sooome...Iwantsome!" You say this for food, toys, anything you see that you want. Her dad and I have taken to borrowing her way of asking for things too, though so far we've managed to keep it to just in the house use.
Every month really does get more and more fun!

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