Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We were looking for something free to do to pass the time. Az requested that we go shopping. She always requests that we go shopping, despite the fact that once we are shopping she doesn't seem to want to be there. I suspect that she's usually just hoping to get something new. Today we went to the library that shares a parking lot with the mall. Az was adamant that she wanted to go to the mall but I knew that once we got into the library she would love it. The library by the mall is full of toys, puzzles, and blocks, which are much more interesting than racks full of clothing.

Sure enough as soon as we entered Az was smitten. She played with the toys a little, then moved on to the table of puzzles, then noticed the bin of DVDs where she picked out a Thomas DVD and an Elmo movie, then sat down at the older kid computers where I tried to find something online she'd like, then on the board books, then the younger kid computers to play a Dora game. Rinse and repeat. We got her her very own library card so she could check out her DVDs and a Caillou book I had found while bouncing around the library with her.

The library is such a fantastic community resource, I'm always happy to support it through my late fees and fines. And boy do I, support them through my late fees and fines. Our house eats library books, so I think I'm going to keep Az to two or three books each session but I hope to instill in her the love for the library that I had as a child. Kindles and online resources are fine and dandy, but there's really nothing that compares to a trip to the library.

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