Sunday, March 24, 2013


Az at 28 months is sassier every day, as you may have noticed from the above photo. Some Az-isms from this month:
  • One day while she was taking a bath she showed me her finger and announced, "This is my soggy finger."
  • On November 8 she officially entered the "why" stage.
  • We went to see Wreck it Ralph with Aunt D this month. There was a mini film before the actual movie began, which commanded all of Az's attention. It was a silent film about a man trying to get the attention of the woman of his affection through a series of paper airplanes. When it ended Az turned to me and said, "That was Wreck It Ralph? Huh." Later in the movie when the character Vanillope is revealed as a princess she exclaimed, "Like me! I'm secretly a princess too!"
  • One morning Az and I were both in bed and I was wrapped in a blanket to ward off the cold. Az apparently didn't realize I was right next to her and she started to whimper. All of the sudden she stood up, immediately happy, and said, "Oh! You didn't go to work!" She was very happy the rest of the morning.
I really do love  this girl. I love all of the conversations we're able to have with each other. I know every mom is amazed by their kids, but knowing that really doesn't lessen my amazement about her at all.

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