Sunday, January 6, 2013

Before I knew our trick-or-treating adventures were going to be rained out and that we would end up home so early I had decided to have Z play hookey from school the next day. The thought was that we wouldn't have to worry about cutting the festivities short and Z could sleep in. I had arranged with Miguel's sister to meet at Sky High, a building filled with indoor trampolines. I had Groupons that were going to expire in a few days so it seemed like as good a time as ever. We ended up not needing the day to play hookey of course but by then I had already told Z he was going to get the day off and we had the Sky High plans with Miguel's sister so we went ahead and got our jump on.

I wish I had gotten a video of Az on the trampolines. It was amazing, pure amazingness. As it is I didn't even really get a good photo of her on the trampolines. I only had my phone with me and Az was too much for its camera. She had an absolutely wonderful time; it was like one of her favorite things, the jump house, times infinity. Z had a splendid time as well. Add to my list of wishes, I wish I had written Sky High a letter thanking them. I suppose it's never too late.I knew Sky High had days for kids with special needs, which seemed fantastic for Z of course so I asked one of the men working there if Az would be welcome on one of those days, explaining that my son over there was on the spectrum. He said that Az would be welcome, but that really every day was a good day for special needs kids. He radioed around that the people on the floor were to take special consideration of Z, and they did; every single one of them.

 Another reason I had chosen to play hookey to use the Groupons was that I wanted to go to Sky High in the middle of a week day. This helped the day go more smoothly no doubt because there were not many other kids, but the people working there really made the biggest difference. Z had a decent day and didn't do anything too quirky but the people working on the trampolines all had a lot of patience with him. After some rough public outings lately it was just so nice to have a smooth day where no one had any issues with either of my kids. In fact, thanks to a group of boys around Z's age roaming the dodge ball courts unsupervised and without any intention of listening to the guys working that area, Z actually appeared to be pretty well behaved in comparison.

After our two hour time slot at Sky High we went to Sweet Tomatoes with Miguel's sister and nephew. Z and the nephew get along very well and had a great time at the restaurant. Az was eager to join in the conversation and laughs but she just didn't know what to say to keep a five year old boy interested. It was very sweet watching her try to be one of the boys, but my heart strings were tugged a little each time her cousin turned away from her to give his attention back to Z. Even now she refers to him as Z's cousin and not hers.

We stopped at Miguel's grandmother's after, as is our tradition when we are in the area. I didn't take any photos of our visit this time though because I wanted to focus on visiting rather than documenting this time. I wish I had snapped a couple photos in hindsight though, I cherish all of Az's photos with her great-grandma.

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